The Ayaba Series

a sister circle

The Ayaba Series is a sacred healing space for women of color, with the emphasis on black women, that promotes the ability to thrive. Through community, sister circles, events and aligned partnerships, we encourage unapologetic self-care and preservation.

The Ayaba Series Sister Circle, started in January 2016 by Eboné McCloud, was created out of the need for sisterhood to exist within the DMV area. What began as an idea has quickly turned into a movement of love, healing, positive energy, and a shared community. We now have circles in DC, Chicago and LA.


Inside the Sister Circle

Circle meets once a month. The day and time varies among each city.

As members arrive to the Sister Circle, they have an opportunity to fellowship with each other and enjoy a cup of tea from Good Thoughts Tea Company. Once it starts, members settle in a circle.The facilitator(s) begin by welcoming everyone and move into a breathing exercise and guided meditation.

We continue with group dialogue, small group activities and a self-care takeaway. Circles usually last around 90 minutes.

We have found that there are many benefits to the sister circle. It is a special community where women can be themselves, be free, be vulnerable, and have the support of their sisterhood. It is a space where women can share experiences and wisdom. It is an opportunity for women to slow down, breathe, and reflect.

We look forward to sharing space + energy with you.

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