The Ayaba Series

a sister circle

For $25, our quarterly subscriptions guarantee your space at our monthly circles.  While we might have drop-ins available, they are not always guaranteed and will vary by month.  Additionally, quarterly subscriptions give you early bird registration access to any events held during the quarter of your membership.



FAQs for Quarterly Subscriptions


  • What will my money go toward?

    • Space

    • Refreshments

    • Materials

    • Collaborators/Presenters/Speakers

    • Events


  • How many spaces will be open per quarter?

    • 25


  • If I sign up for one quarter, will I automatically be enrolled in the next quarter?

    • No, but you will get first priority


  • What if I can’t make a circle within the quarter?

    • No worries. Your fee still covers your spot for the quarter and you will still be invited to the other Ayaba events.


  • Can I drop in instead of a membership?

    • Yes for $10 however, your space is not guaranteed.


Feel free to contact us with any other questions.  We look forward to sharing space and energy with you!

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